Where's Yogi?

The drive over to Yellowstone was long. I'd never seen such straight and long roads, that just seemed to go on forever.

The journey was 9 hours and during that time, we saw some questionable places, like:

Dirty Annie's

Look inside... No thanks!

As the hours of the journey went by, the scenery started getting more varied. As we were driving into the mountains, we reached an altitude of 7,000 feet.

We finally arrived at Yellowstone! Hello Yogi and Booboo!

And to be authentic, we stayed in a log cabin.

Ignore the odd pose, trying to pose like my sister

Seeing as there was no WI-Fi, TV or anything, exploring the area was the only option.

The geysers in Yellowstone were fascinating, "Old Faithful" in particular. It erupted like clock work.

And it did start to erupt at 11:11

Here is a video (not my own) of Old Faithful, and shows how high it erupts.

Just after it erupted

There are also loads of other geysers surrounding Yellowstone.

The steam coming out of them smelt of rotten egg!

We then went for a walk around the forest, which was pretty!

Action shot, walking and throwing a bottle

During our walk, we saw a Chipmunk, which we called Jeff (shout out to my dog Jeff, I miss him!).

Picture of the year, too bad I'm too old to send it into Blue Peter and get a badge!

On our way back home, we drove past some huge Bison, who didn't seem to have any road sense.

That truck beeped at the Bison, shame!

Later on in the day, we explored the more scenic parts of Yellowstone.

Upper Falls Yellowstone

Woah, optical illusion... (sidewards tree)

The next day

The next day, we headed to another National Park, Grand Teton National Park.

The mountains there were astonishing, even though Yellowstone and Grand Teton were right next to each other, they could not be anymore different.

Hmm, not such a good one

Wahey, Tony!

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  • Jeff Milton

    A Chipmunk? And you say you miss me? Huh!
  • Janet

    Wow fab scenery - you are certainly having the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Nan

    No worries, the bisons ignored the truck. Great and very interesting photographs.legs still look pretty pale!!! xx
  • Christina

    that bloody turtle!!! France memories :')