Sunny in the Evergreen State

Yesterday, we left Vancouver, BC, on quite a dull day. The wait at border control was a mammoth 2 hours. Through customs lane, we saw this huge sculpture, which we couldn't for the life of us figure out what it was, or what it was made out of?!

What's going on?

If anybody has any idea what this scupture is, and what it is made of because it has been really bugging me!

The next day

Instead of my morning walk, I went for a morning swim and hot tub in the hotel pool. It was nice having the pool to myself. Afterwards, my dad and I had a table tennis match. Unfortunately his beat me, but only because I let him...

We then made our way into the heart of Seattle, visiting all kinds of iconic places.

We went to the first ever Starbucks.

I'm glad they later changed the logo, the old mermaid looks a bit tired

This was a great place to take a picture, but actually buying a coffee there would be mission impossible. The queue to just get in was pretty long!

We then went to Pike Place Market. All the variations of colours from the different produce for sale made the place beautiful.

I tried my first ever chocolate pasta, which was actually really nice!

As we left Pike Place Market to go to the Space Needle, we went past some quite out-there street performers.

Uhh ohh, looks like he dropped one

On the way to the Space Needle, we stopped off at another Starbucks for an iced coffee. However, we didn't queue for ages for our coffee, we went to another Starbucks round the corner.

Yum yum

For those who have noticed that I'm wearing a sweater on a hot day... yeah that was a bad call on my half. Most people think that Seattle is known for being a really rainy city. In fact, Seattle ranks 44th among major U.S. cities in average annual rainfall.

All refreshed from our Starbucks, we got distracted by a photo opportunity.

Can you spot us all?

We then caught the Monorail over the Space Needle on 5th Ave. We got front seats, ahh yeah!

All aboard!

The Space Needle is 184m high, but only has 6 floors.

Man Vs. Nature

Look out behind you!

Even though The Space Needle is an observation tower, we decided not to go up it because, if you want to see the Seattle city view, you'd want the Space Needle in it. Therefore, we drove out to a beach called Alki beach, which was recommended to have the best city view, and is also the view for the introduction silhouette to the TV show, Frasier.

Finding my inner self, again...

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