Philadelphia Cheese

Turns out Philadelphia cheese spread doesn't originate in Philadelphia, what the hell?!

I digress, It was my first day In Philli yesterday. The city itself, is basically a less built up New York, which I think is ideal. Everywhere you look, there is a perfect picture opportunity.

The day started with getting the Amtrak train from New York's Penn Station to Philadelphia. We got onto the train, without knowing that we had got onto the quiet cab, where you are not allowed to talk loudly. But of course, none of us knew this, so we were greeted with dirty looks, and passengers telling us to be quiet...

It was weird seeing some American countryside, instead of lots of concrete, which I'd gotten used to in New York.

When we got to our hotel, we met up with my cousin, Chris! As he lives in Philli, he gave us a tour around. Hi Chris!

Here are few places we went to: The Liberty Bell

The First White House

Famous LOVE sign

Most beautiful building ever...

We went out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where then my sister and I bought Hard Rock Cafe pin heads to add to our collection and t.shirts. Waiting for our burgers

Afterwards, we went to the famous stairs, which Rocky ran up during training in Rocky. Rocky James

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  • Brian & Kath

    Great photos Guys
  • Caroline & Ralph

    Lovely photos. Have a great time with Chris and give Winston a big kiss from us. Safe onward journey.
  • Uncle R & Auntie C

    Hi, James, this comment is actually for Louisa but don't seem to be able to leave a comment on her site without an acct to any one of 7 providers(?) Anyway, glad you all had a good time with Chris & Winston and that you thought philly was "cool". Safe trip today to D.C. and say "HI" to Barack for me too. Uncle R & Auntie C
  • Albin Wallace

    Love the blog and the photos. Great you are all having a good time.