Obama calls

I wanted to get up early this morning, so I could have my last walk around Philly. However, I didn't commit when my alarm went off at 7 o'clock, and instead, I woke up at 8, shock...

Our train to Washington, DC, wasn't until 1 o'clock, so I still had time to go for a walk. One of the hightlights of the walk was seeing a One Direction store going out of business.

See ya!

We then got a cab over to the train station, to catch our 2 hour train to Washington, DC.

Another train, another destination

Whilst we were at the train station, I met a new friend, Bruce, the Amtrak Conductor!

Hey Bruce! I hope Mike the Park Ranger doesn't get jealous...

This time on the Amtrak train, we didn't get on the quiet cab, to save ourselves embarrassment, but got on the another cab with huge reclining seats instead, nice!

Free WIFI as well!

When we got to the Washington Hilton Hotel, we went to the executive lounge, and took advantage of the free food and drink. Later on, we all decided to go down to the pool, where I went dressed in my dressing-gown. At that time, there were loads of old ladies and a few men attending this seminar about collectable dolls at the hotel. They saw me and gave me a variety of looks...

I was told by one of the hotel staff that I was a 'Playboy with all of these ladies', I wasn't too sure how to take that, but luckily he was joking!

Later on in the evening, we went out for a walk to no where in particular. I got a glimps of The White House, but we'll be visiting it properly tomorrow, which is a bit confusing for my readers in different time zones to me.

Obama, are you playing out tonight?

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  • Aaron

    Cya One Direction
  • Grand Dad

    Great pic's, also Lulu's
  • P.J.May

    I'm an American, and I've seen less of my country than you have. Love your blog. Saw you with Ed Wilson on ch 13 news. Enjoy your journey!
  • Brant

    Hi James, Welcome to Iowa. The best way to see her is from the air. I'm offering you a airplane tour over Iowa, my treat! I my small 4 place airplane. Contact me through my email and I will fly you. best wishes from a international traveler...Brant
  • Joel and Seb

    So did Obama play out? that's what we want to know