Chill out day in Philly

Whilst we have been out in the U.S, everyday has been full on with sightseeing and walking. So it was appropriate for all of us to have a day off and chill out. To do so, we spent the day at Chris' house.

The day started with taking his dog Winston over to the dog park. On the way there, we walked past the area where the film Sixth Sense was filmed.

Owning the streets

What I loved about Philadelphia was how individual each street was, just like in New York, but less built up, it's a win win.

Winston at the park

Just doing our thing (ignore my weird face)

We then headed back to Chris' house with an iced coffee, which was refreshing. Chris made us some din-dins - chicken and waffles. This was a first for my family. We got through a whole bottle of delicious maple syrup. We all really enjoyed it and were definitely not full afterwards!

Before the feast

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  • Caroline

    Lovely to see you all enjoying Winny's company and Chris of course.
  • Aaron

    Sixth Sense is surk!
  • Joel and Seb

    big stu owns the streets fo'sure, that rascal!