Interactive Motion Graphic About Sleep

The NHS UK highlights that sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and a reduced life expectancy. Despite these warnings, people are sleeping less and spending more time on screens. One reason for this trend is the limited understanding of sleep’s functions, especially concerning how it affects our brain and memory formation.

This project is designed to intuitively demonstrate one of the key functions of sleep: the formation of memories. To achieve this, I created an Interactive Motion Graphic that allows users to interact and influence the content. This approach makes the learning process more engaging and memorable.

Non-interactive Version

For those who prefer a traditional viewing experience, here’s a non-interactive version of the motion graphic:

Interactive Version

Experience the interactive version below. It’s designed to be engaging and educational, asking viewers questions and allowing them to choose their responses. This interactive experience is powered by the Eko platform.

Interactive Feature: In this video, you will be prompted with questions and need to select your answers. Your choices will shape the content you see.

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