Interactive Motion Graphic About Sleep

According to the NHS UK, sleep deprivation can have profound consequences on an individual’s physical health. It can cause an increased risk of serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and shorten overall life expectancy.

Regardless of the warnings, the amount of time mankind spends sleeping is decreasing and the time looking at screens is increasing. This is because knowledge of how sleep works was very limited. When people are asked if they understand what sleep does to our brains, it is mostly unknown.

This project aims to intuitively demonstrate one of sleep’s many functions, which is the formation of memories. The approach was to create an Interactive Motion Graphic, which users can click and determine the output of what they watch. The final result is below:

Non-interactive Version

Interactive Version

It’s Interactive! Within this video, you will be asked questions and you will need to select your answer. The platform this is built with is called Eko.

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